Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ollie Update

Looks like I haven't written anything about Oliver for awhile. He is three and a half and so funny. He asks "why" in such a whiney voice about EVERYTHING. Good, bad, something he is so excited for, something he doesn't want to do, something he doesn't care one way or another about. "Why" is the question of the year. He wants to participate in every conversation. I can't get off of the phone without him knowing what was said and who is was. Every time I say something under my breath he has to know what it was. Every time Danny and I are talking in the car. Every time I say something to Nora. He must know.

He loves to be a ninja lately, or an "inja" as he says. He jumps, kicks, somersaults, and "hi-ya"s all over the house. His favorite book from the library is called "Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop!" and he yells about being a ninja and never stopping all of the time.

He loves to play with his friends. We are very lucky to have good friends with kids who live very close to us, and his best little friend, Alayna, lives right next door. Every time we see kids he wants to be outside playing with them and he doesn't understand why we can't go see if his friends can ride bikes or go to the park or  why they won't "invite us to have lunch" at any given second.

Ollie's favorite pastime continues to be playing the Wii with his dad. It was how we got him potty trained over a year ago and now he looks forward to Fridays when he gets to play all week long. He asks me at least 10 times a day (not exaggerating) what day it is, and what day comes after this day, and what day comes after that day, etc. until we get to Friday and as soon as I say the word "Friday" he cheers and yells and laughs about getting to play whatever his favorite game is at the moment - Mario Party this week.

I love his logic. He was telling me the other day that there were two moons, a moon in the night sky and a moon in the day sky. I explained to him that that would make sense, but that it is actually the same moon, we just can sometimes see it during the day and sometimes we can see it at night. He thought about that, and then explained to me that there are two moons because sometimes we see a round moon and sometimes the moon is not round. Smart!

One of the important parts of his bedtime routine is to snuggle Max. As long as Max is happy at night  Ollie gets to have him lay in bed with him while Danny and I sing the angel song for Ollie and Nora. Max loves it too.

He's not really big on coloring. Most of the time when I get out crayons or markers he will somehow find a pen and color in the whole paper as black as he can.

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