Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AC Bouquet

So, we bought a business. It's really fun. We have a website ( and we sell candy bouquets and then build and ship them out to whoever bought them. So if you're looking for Christmas gift ideas...I know a website you can check out....

It's very exciting and fun, however our apartment is tiny...this is how it looked when we were moving things in. It was a little cramping before we moved in a home based business.

Here are a few of the first bouquets we built:

Funny Boy

Look at this cute little guy.

Danny and I heard Oliver fussing in the other room so I went to get him and this is what I found:

The funny little guy had squirmed out of his blankets and halfway out of his pajamas and just started laughing as soon as I walked in. He's hilarious.