Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Little Helper

Ollie loves to help. He's so funny.
- At least once a day he goes and gets all of the vacuum attachments and hands them to me or just goes around scooting them on the carpet making vacuum noises.
- When I take him around to do my job cleaning our apartment building he needs to have a paper towel to help wash windows, or the broom to drag around and sweep.
- He knows where we keep our dust pan and pulls it out for me all of the time. The other day when he was with me cleaning the laundry room he kept taking the dust pan and banging it in the garbage can like I do to get the dirt out.
- He also knows where the garbage can is kept, and even though it is in a child proofed cabinet he will open it the crack that he can and shove any little tiny piece of garbage he finds in it.
- He picks things up off the ground for me when I drop them (this one is certainly appreciated at this point in pregnancy!).
- He hands me the rag to wash his face when he's done eating.

I love it all. My little brother Conrad says it's the "first child syndrome" and that first born babies are born helpers. Whatever. I just think he's the best. I hope he wants to help out even more when his little sister is born.

(I swear he has other clothes. He just happens to always being wearing the same ones when I take pictures of him. Oh well.)

Did we tell you?

I'm not sure I announced it to you all over blogging (because Facebook isn't enough), but Danny has been accepted to medical school at the University of Washington! Hurray! We are so happy and feel so blessed. We were pretty much planning on waiting another year - Danny was days away from signing up for an expensive MCAT prep course because he was sure the interview didn't go well at UW and we just hadn't heard from the U of U yet. But then, he got a call from his UW interviewer the day after his interview! We were both shocked and crying and happy and Ollie was also crying because it was dinner time and he was in his high chair without food because Danny and I were too excited. It was a great night.

So currently, we are just waiting to find out which campus Danny will b
e attending. They have a satellite campus here in Spokane that you can attend as a first year student but we won't find out until April if they assigned us to stay here or to go to Seattle. We would love to stay here near our friends a
nd family for another year, but we are just so grateful to be accepted at all.

Anyhow, most of you knew all of this, and what I really wanted to do was to share these photos with you. I think he might beat Danny to being Dr. Olson.