Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth in Idaho Falls

This weekend was the Miller grandparent's 60 wedding anniversary celebration/reunion/4th of July celebration. Danny and I carpooled with my parents and two brothers (a very crowded Suburban) to southern Idaho on Friday. We stopped at Fairmont hot springs (who does that in July?) for a very hot afternoon swim to break up the long drive.

My cousin Robin and her husband Scott graciously let us stay at their house and borrow their car so we could get back and forth to grandma and grandpa's. We stayed in their three-year-old son Matt's room and he was our best friend while we were at their house ("Hey, I can ride a two wheeler" "Hey, I can put on my own shirt" "Hey, my shirt has Micky Mouse on it. And on the back" "Hey, this is my motorcycle" "Hey, I'll go get my cars" "Hey, this is where my baby sleeps") but when we were at the reunion with everyone he avoided us at all costs.

Every time I go to a family reunion a whole new generation of little kids have been born to my older cousins so I have to relearn the older ones and learn all of the new ones. There were about a billion kids under 6 there and one of them loved Danny. She would grab his hand and lead him around when I wasn't around and give him looks across the yard when I was. Had she not been family and 19 years younger than my husband I might have been worried. She was cute.

My dad made a very long slide show full at least 10 pictures of each and every child, grand child, and great grand child of my grandparents. It was fun, but the room was stinking hot and crawling with children when we were watching it - the kids got a little out of hand and one poor little boy got punched in the face by his younger girl cousin.

It was only a one day reunion and we finished it by bailing on the fireworks down town. Luckily one of the neighbors - we suspect the local bishop - but on a better arial and illegal fireworks show than the city did and we watched it from the driveway.

I was sick the whole time.

All in all, it was a great trip. Danny was a great sport and played wonderfully with all of the little kids, made small talk with the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins and wrestled with my brothers in the back yard. Lucky us, we're headed back for the next family reunion in southern Idaho next month.