Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Max at Six Months

Here is  my little Max yesterday:

I had a nice long video of him sitting up, but couldn't find it. It's just as well - it was pretty boring as a video. But exciting that he is sitting up! He turned six months yesterday and is just the sweetest baby.

- He has given up going to sleep by himself in the crib and wants to be nursed/rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime, but he sleeps through the night. He woke up a few times last week and I kept thinking it was Nora because he NEVER does that.

- He has his two middle bottom teeth.

- I've started him on rice cereal once a day and he really likes it, I suppose it's time to feed him baby food all of the time now.

- I call him Maxo. Nora  usually tells me, "he not Maxo! He Maximus." That would be what Danny calls him. She also calls him "queetie" because she can't quite say sweetie.

- He is super easy going. He doesn't mind being passed off to other people, he'll often just sit in his Bumbo and watch me make dinner, he'll lay on the living room floor and watch the other kids play for nice long periods of time or just entertain himself.

- He rolls back and forth and all around. He hasn't seemed to be rolling towards anything yet, but he is doing everything with more intent lately, so I don't think it is far away. He will often get up on his elbows and toes or knees and I bet we see him rocking on his hands and knees pretty soon here.

What did we ever do before our Max?

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