Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marathon Blog

Meaning I will post marathon pictures and it will be a very long posting since I haven't posted since...August. I had to check to see how long it had been.

First off, the marathon was mostly a success! We ran at the end of August on probably the coolest day of the summer. We were very lucky. We started out from our apartment parking lot at 5:30am in just a little bit of rain. We ran through downtown to the Centennial Trail in Riverfront park. From there we followed the trail through Spokane Valley, past Liberty Lake and Stateline, and we finished in Post Falls, ID for a grand total of 26.2 miles (or so we guessed on the whole point-two thing). We had arranged beforehand for my Dad to meet us at Sullivan road in the Valley for some water and a snack, but through some miscommunication (consisting of my Dad writing down Sullivan when I talked to him but waiting for us at Harvard about six miles farther down because he remembered wrong) we got it a little later at Barker road once we got the miscommunication cleared up. To this point we were feeling great. It had been raining for most of the morning and we had gone about 19 miles. At about mile 20 my right knee started hurting and by mile 22 I couldn't run without feeling like it was going to give out. So my sweet husband walked the last four miles with me and my parents and little brother held up a tape for us to run through at the finish line. And then we went home and Danny watched Lord of the Rings while I slept. Then we went to Tomato Street. End of Marathon Day. Oh and we made t-shirts.

Next on the list: we went to Mexico! It was a blast. We were in Puerto Vallarta for a week in September. You can see our pictures here:

Fast forward: we had a group Thanksgiving. We are grateful for both of our families who like each other enough to celebrate holidays together. My little brother Conrad came home from school at BYU-ID and Jackson came over from North Spokane and we all had Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Dad Olson's with Chari and Joe and kids. Speaking of Chari and Joe, we have a new niece! Abigail was born two weeks ago and we love her so much!

Last on the list of things that I can think of to update is my job. I am still at Fulcrum supervising visits for parents and kids but things are looking up. I've been promoted to the Assitant Director of the Interchange. I now provide staff training and supervision, am putting together an agency policy book, developing a therapeutic visit program, and hopefully - if we get the grant money for it - I will be going to Indianapolis in February to start to develop a program for fatherhood classes. I'm very excited about the things I am getting to do.

That's the most interesting highlights I can think of from the past few months. Thanks to those of you who stuck around unti the end of the post!