Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is called putting off homework...

I have no pictures. I have no exciting news. Just a great need to not be working on my presentation that I have to give tomorrow and have not yet started.

We had a great weekend. I intended to paint the office for work and we were both going to do homework but none of that got done. Danny and I don't get to see each other too much during the week because of school, work, internships, etc. so we bailed on almost all responsibility and just played.

Friday afternoon we went to the temple as usual and then A&W for root beer floats. And then to a fantastic pizza place downtown called Rocky Rococco's. And then we went to play lazer tag. It sounds like an expensive night, but we had coupons. And a blast. It was someone's birthday in our ward and they invited us to play lazer tag with them - we got 1st and 2nd out of the 31 players in our game and 3rd and 5th high scores for the whole day. We rock. Our code names were Samson and Delilah. And then I think it was that night we went home and watched The Secret Life of Bees and I just sobbed and sobbed. It's a great movie, but definitely a tear jerker.

Saturday morning is our long run day. I think I wrote in an earlier post that we are "in training" for a half maraton so on normal Saturday mornings we go run, and we like to go on the Centennial trail downtown instead of in the scary neighborhood where we live. However, when we do run in our scary neighborhood we have to take both our building key and our apartment key to get back in the building so we just take those two off of the keyring so we don't have to carry them all. This particular day we had driven downtown to the trail and therefore needed the car keys and not the apartment keys. We didn't realize until we had finished our run that we had the wrong keys. So we ran all the way back home and Danny got the car keys and ran back again to get the car while I took a shower. Our total mileage: Jessi 3.5 miles and Danny 5.5 miles. Turns out we're not training that hard yet.

We spent Saturday afternoon doing laundry and homework and then we went out to eat yet again. We were going out with my parents and met them at the Indian restaraunt that we were really excited to try. Danny and I got there before them and walked out after about 2 minutes. There was a terrible belly dancing show being performed by over-weight, middle aged white women. It was terrible. We tried to call my parents off to meet us somewhere else but they were determined to see the show for themselves. Once they got there it didn't take long to convince them that we go out for Mexican instead.

Sunday was great as well. Danny and I work in the nursery at church and get to play with about 20 toddlers for two hours a week. We have a blast. However, one of the leaders got released last week abandoning the two of us keep the battle front on our own. We'll be fine. Pray for us. That evening we had an ice cream party with some people from our ward and finally started making some friends from church. We mostly only know their babies.

Thanks for reading this far. I think I can start my homework now.