Monday, October 10, 2011


In August we went with my whole family on a little trip to Montana and Glacier National Park. My parents had some friends in their ward who rented their cabin to us and we had a great time. Glacier was beautiful!

Poor Ollie guy had a rough trip. He got a window slammed on his little fingers during the boat tour we took, he got sunburnt, and got his first earache all while we were there. But he was a trooper, and other than those minor mishaps we had so much fun just being together, playing games, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camp firing, and eating eating eating.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cannon Beach

We had a great trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon back in July with Danny's family. It was so much fun and I just found the pictures on our old camera so I thought I would post some really quick.


As I was helping Danny get out the door for school this morning I hadn't heard from Ollie for awhile so I checked in his room to see what he was doing. I found him laid out on his belly with his head down reading his new book he got for his birthday. Of course, he got distracted and looked up when I got the camera out but this picture is pretty darn cute too.

Happy Birthday, Son!

Oliver turned one year old on September 30, 2011. Almost a week ago now. We celebrated by going to the doctor to get his one year shots. He was a great sport - didn't cry for more than a minute. He definitely got his pain tolerance
from his dad.

But we did have a great big-boy-one-year-old party on Sunday after General Conference (which was so good on Saturday.
Sunday....Ollie didn't nap very well, so mom didn't watch
conference very well). See pictures below of the family bash.

Thanks to Danny's sister-in-law Bre for being our photographer for the evening!

Look at those cute cousins - the kids were all so excited for the cake all day long.