Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

Ollie woke up screaming at 1am because he had rolled onto his belly and couldn't get back over. Then this morning I find him like this, mind that I had laid him down with his head the completely opposite direction and in the middle of the crib.

Don't Judge Us

It was just so funny. And when he was in the box, he was just fine until I got the camera out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Life has been fun and busy - as usual. We love love love being parents - especially now that we can get some more sleep! Danny is working hard studying for his classes and to take the MCAT in May. He takes a practice test every other weekend and has been doing great.

I'm busy with the business. It's fun and frustrating and requires so much more time than I put into it. The most difficult part by far is the website. I want to make it look more professional but I don't know how. We were going to hire a guy to do it but that fell through. Here is the link if anyone wants to take a look and tell me who can fix it for me:)

Our Favorite Little Ollie Boy

Ollie is getting so big every day. His recent feats:

Rolling over (only when no one is looking)
Eating solid foods (ie very runny rice cereal)
Grabbing at everything I try to work on with him in my lap
Leaning forward and hitting his head on the table when I try to work on anything with him in my lap
Doing that thing with his lips where he makes a funny noise by pushing air through them when they're closed and spitting a lot (what would you call that?)
Falling asleep on his own for naps AND at night
Sleeping 12 hours a night (or at least we think he does, we started sleeping with the bedroom doors shut)
Pooping close to 80 times per day
Sucking his thumb

I swear he smiles all the time - just not for the camera.

Ojo Gets His First Taste of Solid Food

We bought Ojo a high chair and gave him his first taste of rice cereal on Saturday. He definitely prefers eating his bib, but we're making progress every day.