Monday, January 27, 2014

A Christmas Photo Dump

Christmas this year was wonderful and oh, so busy. We had a great time and it was so nice to see so much of our families (including Danny, he had a whole month off of school!)

Here are (more than) a few pictures of our family festivities:

Lots of baking time. 

We had three extra uncles in town! Jackson, Conrad, and Jon

 A few shots from Christmas morning. This tent is already on it's last legs.

The beautiful Kitchenaid my parents bought for me! I love it, I use it almost daily. Plus, for my birthday the next week we bought a grain mill attachment for it so I don't have to travel to a mom's house to grind my wheat for bread anymore!

We did an advent calendar with a Christmas activity each day - this was our "gingerbread" house building day.

The kids helped Papa with the Nativity story on Christmas Eve. 

Our attempted photo shoot for Grandma's Christmas jammies.

Family photos with my family. They were good sports and let me make them get dressed up just to go out in the back yard with my tripod and timer.

This was eventful only because my parents' cat usually evacuates the premises immediately when the kids show up - he let Nora be in his face for a good five minutes before he got tired of her.

A few years ago at a Relief Society Enrichment night in Manito Ward, Sister Felsted showed us how to make Christmas pinatas and it's become a little bit of a tradition in our family. We had great weather for it this year. This was also the morning we met Yui, Jackson's girlfriend he brought home with him from California.

We spent Christmas Eve afternoon at Danny's sister Chari's house. We had a great time eating Mexican food (hooray, Danny's favorite Christmas tradition resurrected!), playing the ornament game that Mom Olson came up with a few years ago, and making ornaments. 

After Christmas morning at our house (there are apparently out of order) we headed to Danny's parents' house for brunch.