Friday, August 16, 2013

Second Trimester!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling great and ready to write a blog post celebrating the wonderful time that is the second trimester of pregnancy. I had slept through several nights in a row without waking up needing to go the bathroom, and I hadn't been nauseous in days. Then, a headache from heck set in that lasted all day long. Then today, I had to pull my car over to the side of the road to vomit. Turns out I'm not out of the woods yet.

(Side note: turns out apples make me sick every time. And I just bought 40 lbs of them. So if anyone wants to buy some apples...I'll make you a deal...)

But still, yay! Second trimester! We're having another baby everyone! Baby is due February 11, 2014, and I'm not at all worried that Danny has a research conference at the end of January in California, or that both sets of our parents are considering taking the same cruise together sometime mid-February while I am home with Ollie, Nora and a newborn and Danny is studying his brains out for boards. Maybe a little worried. But that is a long way off - we are good!

This pregnancy has been different from the last two. As in, I've been really sick. I never got more than fleeting morning sickness with either Ollie or Nora, but this time  I was pretty much on the couch and incredibly nauseated but not throwing up for 6? 8? weeks. I can't remember exactly how long because it felt like forever. But that lightened up several weeks ago and now it feels like time is flying. I am currently 14 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Ollie was really curious about what I was doing taking a prenatal vitamin every morning so I told him a month or so ago that we are having a new baby! After it snows and after Christmas! It's so exciting! So exciting that he told all Danny's friends at a BBQ we went to with some of his classmates awhile ago that we are having a new baby in mommy's tummy after it snows - that was funny. Ollie is really excited about his new sister, and is adamant that he doesn't want a baby brother, just a sister like Nor. And he will teach her to walk and to laugh.

We're very excited about our growing family!


  1. LOVE THIS!! Number three on the way! Way to go! You guys have created the best family! So happy for all of you!