Monday, August 26, 2013

Funny Ollie Guy

These may not be very funny since you didn't get to hear his cute little voice, inflection, and timing, but Ollie sure had us cracking up a few times yesterday and I wanted to document it.

At dinner with family yesterday Danny sister Chari was talking about how her daughter Lydia is often just 'Bug' instead of 'Lydi-bug' anymore, and her 6 year old Andrew commented that Lydia is a bug and Nora is a beast....because we call Nora a beast. Because she is. Danny then asked Ollie what he was, and mis-hearing him he said "I'm good." That was cute enough, but Danny asked him again and Ollie got a little smile on his face and said "I a poopy diaper."

Last night when we got home from dinner, my little brother Conrad came over to play games with us and got there right at bed time. Sitting and talking with Ollie he asked him, "Ollie, what's your favorite thing?" and Ollie immediately replied, "I like scooters!" It was so funny, we've never talked to him about what his favorite thing is, he doesn't have a scooter, and he had no hesitation whatsoever. Cracked me up.

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