Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oliver is Two!

I've been quizzing Ollie about birthdays for the last month or so:

Me: "Ollie, are you going to have a birthday?"
Ollie: "Soon!"
Me: "How old are you going to be?
Ollie: "Cake!" or sometimes "Big!"

I can't get him to respond by saying two. But he knows he is getting cake. Or at least that's what I think he is saying. Maybe it's "Chips!" He loves those too.

Here is a short list of how awesome my little Ollie man is.
- He is a very snuggly boy.
- Drinks probably half a gallon or more of milk a day.
- He's very helpful. He throws away diapers, gets toys for Nora when she is sad, puts away his toys and books, and goes upstairs to get his own toys and blankets that he wants.
- Ollie s so sweet to his sister. He loves her. She's usually the first one he asks for when he wakes up in the morning or from naps. He gives her hugs and kisses all the time and loves to make her laugh. And occasionally, he will even share his blankets with her.
- Counts to ten and likes to continue on saying "evan, ooteen, ooteen, ooteen." We'll get there with those teens, and maybe get a twelve added in.
- Recognizes several letters.
- He sleeps on a mattress on the floor since we took his crib for Nora and haven't set up his toddler bed yet. His favorite activity by far is jumping off the mattress onto the floor. His closet has mirrored doors and he thinks it is pretty awesome to watch himself jump.
- When asked who he loves he always lists a few friends, sometimes mama and daddy, sometimes grandma and grandpa and nana and bapa, and always Abby, Sam, Andrew, Chari, Joe and Lydia. Every time. In the same order. Loves his cousins.
- He screams this awful high pitched scream when he is ready for us to get him out of bed, and is always sitting up smiling waiting for us when we open the door.
- He loves nursery and playing with kids. He understands our routines pretty well. When it's Sunday we go to church and he has nursery and gets to "play!". When we are going to the park he lists off all the friends who come to play group or to soccer on Saturday mornings.
- He loves cars, airplanes, and trains. Especially the movie "Cars." He loves to run fast and say "Me. Speed." Which I can only guess is him quoting Lightning McQueen saying, "I am speed."

We love our funny little Ollie!!


  1. Ollie is so cute! And Jessi, I think I might have to blog stalk you now that I know you have a blog... Hope that's not creepy or anything... ;)

    Haha I can't wait until we come up to see you guys again! Your kids are so fun. Give Ollie birthday hugs from both of us!

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