Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

What a wonderful Christmas we have had!

Last week my little brothers got in town and my parents took all of us to Silver Mountain Ski resort to stay and play. We got to snowboard for a day, and play in the awesome water park. Ollie loved it, Nora would fall asleep immediately. I guess the loud noise from all of the water was like a noise machine or something. She would get all drowsy and spacey and when wrapped up in a towel she would fall right to sleep. Which may have been part of the reason she didn't sleep well during the two nights we were there.... Here are my brothers on the flow rider. I didn't get any other pictures because swimming and snow boarding aren't great environments for expensive cameras.

Oh and here is one of sweet Nora in her swim suit I just found on the phone.

Then our two families were wonderful enough to spend yet another holiday together. It's so nice that they consider each other family. Of Danny's siblings we were the only ones here, so after hors d'ouevres with Danny's extended family on Christmas Eve afternoon, Mom and Dad Olson joined my whole family at my parents for Christmas Eve, our home for breakfast and presents Christmas morning, and Christmas dinner back at my parent's house again.

We love our family, and are so grateful that through the miracle of Christ's birth, death and resurrection we can be united together for ever. I am grateful to know that my Redeemer lives, and that He was indeed born in humble circumstances, lived a humble life, and taught us each the way to live our lives that we might live with our Father in Heaven once again. Merry Christmas everyone.

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