Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Second Six Month Old

I sometimes have a really hard time believing I am a mother to two sweet little babies and the second one was born SIX months ago! Little Nora is so fun and sweet and easy to love. Here's the rundown on our second-born at half a year old.

- Ollie calls her Nor, sister, or a sweet little  name that I can't figure out how to spell so you would hear it in your head right. Danny's best guess would be "Xio Xio." Somehow, to Danny and I, she is Nora-bug. And therefore bug-face, bug, etc. I also call her Nora Squish. Because she is squishy, and I love it.

- She is napping finally! Except for today that is. Two naps a day and sleeps through the night. Mostly.

- She is a little thing, still fits into some of her 0-3 month clothes. She has an appointment on Monday with the doctor and we'll see how she stacks up.

- Nora is teething. We started her on some baby food about a week and a half ago and she did great for about a week, then her mouth started hurting and she pretty much refuses to open up for the spoon anymore.

- Rolls over both ways, and sits up like a champ. She doesn't mind being on her tummy but shows no interest in crawling yet.

- She has the sparkliest blue eyes I've ever seen, especially when we go outside.

- Nora loves being outside. When she's having a fussy day all it takes is to get out in back and lay her on a blanket and she'll quietly watch her brother run around like a maniac in the sunshine for an hour.

- Getting very grabby. She loves to pull on my hair, my nose, my cup as I try to drink, my plate off the table when she sits with us at dinner, Ollie's blanket away from him, the books I am trying to read to them. All with huge smile.

-She is fascinated with hats. She laughs at Danny's helmet every morning as he gets ready to ride his bike to school.

Just for kicks, here are some side by side shots of Nora (left) and Ollie (right) at about six months old. There are some similarities! I always wondered if our kids would look alike or not. Danny and his siblings all look similar to each others, definitely siblings. While my brothers and I, well...not many people have guessed we were related before.

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