Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Nursery

Look! Two blog posts in a row! And this one has pictures. I can't figure out how to get the pictures from our camera onto the computer, but I did figure out how to use the camera and e-mail on my phone...and voila! I'm quite proud of myself. Here is the nursery, just waiting for baby. The rocking chair is a hand me down from my brother and sister in law - Chari and Joe -and the crib we actually bought ourselves - something we don't do very often with so much helpful family around! We are so grateful for all of the help and support we get!

Here is the other side of the nursery (the other side of the room is storage, I'll spare you). The dresser was a great $1 find at a garage sale by Danny's parents and the car seat is another of those great hand me downs from Chari and Joe.

My boss made this fun quilt for baby Oliver with the cowboys on it. And the cute one in the crib with the jungle animals Danny's momma made for him. It's so fun, she stitched messages into the quilting for him, it has his name, our names, and the words to "I am a Child of God."


  1. I love it! Now you need a baby!!! Come on out and play, Oliver!

  2. Cute! Cute! Love both those quilts! I like the dark crib- very pretty/chic/classy. Isn't it weird to see baby stuff in your house? I thought that was so weird bringing that stuff home from stores. Weird. We are moms!! :) CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR BIG DAY!! Oh, I am so excited. Love you!!!!