Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Pregnant

I'm not actually due until the 26th, but I was so counting on getting out little guy out early that it feels like it's taking forever.... However, I know at this point that it will be absolutely no more than 2.5 weeks from now, and that is a relief. We are so excited to have a son! Meanwhile I am getting huger (is that a word?) every day and don't fit into most of my maternity clothes anymore - so I'm stretching out Danny's clothes for him. Why on earth do they make men's clothes fit pregnant women so much better than women's clothes? I don't think I'll ever understand.

My boss at work has been great, she has me scheduled for like 3 hours per day so I get to get out of the house still but I don't wear myself out. Up until last week I was still working 10-12 hour days. Ugh!

Everyone cross your fingers little Oliver comes soon! We love him and can't wait for him to get here! Actually - it would be preferable if he came on Friday afternoon since Danny starts classes tomorrow. We'd love to have the weekend together. Thanks!


  1. How exciting that your little guy is almost here! I hope you have a safe labor and delivery and that meeting your son is a joyous occasion!

  2. Glenn and I will be up there for Rhianna's wedding. We'd love to be able to meet little Oliver while we are there! Hope he comes soon!