Friday, June 18, 2010

I hate coming up with titles for these things...

Here is our semi annual blog update... or at least it seems like that's about how often I write.

Danny and I are doing great! It's felt like we've really had a summer for the last week or so (although a cold one). I told Danny a few weeks ago that a girl at work had asked me to cover a shift for her in August and that she would be able to cover a Monday for me and he asked if she could do it the Monday after his finals so that we could maybe take a trip to Utah and see some friends. I thought it was a long shot but she agreed and I got someone to cover my Friday and we ended up with a long weekend! We left Thursday night at about 7pm and got into Idaho Falls at 4am. We visited with my grandparents for the day and then drove down to Salt Lake and visited friends and family in Utah Valley all weekend long. It made us so happy and we had so much fun, and also so sad because we miss having our good friends so nearby.

Now it's Friday again and I again have the day off work! Danny has had this week off of school because he is between quarters and we are family reunioning with his family all weekend. There has been a huge turnout already and more people just keep coming. Hooray for summertime and friends and family.

In other happenings, Danny has been released from the Elder's Quorum presidency and is now the eleven-year-old scout leader. He has only gone to scouts one time but is very excited about it. And my belly is getting rounder and rounder. I'm having strangers ask me frequently when my baby is due. It's a lot of fun. And he is a mover! Danny was able to feel the baby move for the first time a week ago. We can't wait for him to get here. We're still debating names but the current favorite is Oliver. We're open to ideas for middle names if anyone has any...


  1. Seriously, Jessi, no picture- what? We want to see that belly bulge!! Love it!! Hope the pregnancy is going great!! So excited for you guys and for September to get here!! Make sure you take at least one nap while you are pregnant!! :)

  2. CUTE!!:) I love Oliver!:) Sounds like you guys are doing wonderfully, I love it when you post it makes me feel like we still half way keep in touch because I know what's going on;) Here comes the summer though, hopefully you can stay cool until the end of September! Miss you so much!