Monday, March 24, 2014

Nora is Two!

Today is my sweet Nora's birthday. Luckily, we celebrated on Saturday and got her pictures done last week, because today she is sick and I'm letting her pretty much sit on the couch and watch Frozen all day.

Nora is:
- a great sister. She loves to kiss and hug Max, and loves to help (and tease) Ollie with anything he has got going on.
- growing! She has been tiny for so long and now it seems like every other day one of us will exclaim about how tall she is getting and how longer her legs are. I wish I took a picture of the hilariously short pants Danny put her in last week.
- a big time hugger. Any time she is remotely sad or hurt or happy or sees her dad she demands hugs.
- a little mama. She has two baby dolls she carries around and takes care of. She hasn't attempted nursing them yet like I nurse Max, but she does pat her ribcage (she's a little off on her anatomy) and calls it her "milkshakes."
- sleeping in a big girl bed and sharing a room with Ollie.
- more of a limit-pusher than Ollie ever was. She won't sit in time out, she rarely does what she is asked to do and often runs the other way when I go to help her listen. All very happily.
- sick lately. I'm thinking this is an ear infection starting - her 3rd one in three months.
- getting more independent all of the time. I am no longer allowed to get her drink out of the fridge for her or put her in her carseat or any number of random things throughout the day that she decides she can do all by herself.
- getting interested in potty training. I'm not there yet.
- just wonderful. She makes us laugh all of the time.

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