Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Favorite Little Ollie Boy

Ollie is getting so big every day. His recent feats:

Rolling over (only when no one is looking)
Eating solid foods (ie very runny rice cereal)
Grabbing at everything I try to work on with him in my lap
Leaning forward and hitting his head on the table when I try to work on anything with him in my lap
Doing that thing with his lips where he makes a funny noise by pushing air through them when they're closed and spitting a lot (what would you call that?)
Falling asleep on his own for naps AND at night
Sleeping 12 hours a night (or at least we think he does, we started sleeping with the bedroom doors shut)
Pooping close to 80 times per day
Sucking his thumb

I swear he smiles all the time - just not for the camera.

1 comment:

  1. your little man is getting so big! he's so handsome too! sounds like it's a wonderful adventure being his mommy!

    I think the blowing/spitting/making noises with his lips is called blowing raspberries. :)