Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grape or Cherry? Both Favorites

The past few days have been pretty awesome. Last night was our celebratory graduation dinner with the Miller family and we all enjoyed. Momma Miller, Jessi, and Jessi's brother Conrad are have all/are going to all graduate this spring, so we decided to celebrate in a big way. We all piled into the Suburban and headed out to Wolf Lodge Inn in CDA and for any of you who have never had the chance to eat there, I highly recommend it. I'm actually salivating as I relive the experience... The food was amazing, the atmosphere was very laid back and cool, the area was very pretty, and the food was amazing. I can't say that I've ever eaten a better steak, or better halibut, or better shrimp, or a better baked potato, or have ever had a bigger stomach ache. It was a great time for all and congrats again to a family of graduates! YAY FOR MY WIFE! With tummies full of yummy food, we went to bed to prepare for a long day of marathon training and garage saling at the annual LIBERTY LAKE GARAGE SALE!

Turns out that sleeping with multiple pounds of beef in your stomach is not very, well, possible. We both woke up miserable and were late for the sale. Once we got ourselves out of bed and out to Liberty Lake, the streets were already lined with crowds of people and cars. I didn't even realize that LL had that many people in it! There are tons of houses, but I rarely see people out in the neighborhoods when we're visiting the in laws. We walked around and found a few deals of our own, making our first furniture purchases as a married couple ever. It was really funny to see the different styles people tried to use while selling their merchandise. Some people had their stuff marked super high and wanted to bargain on everything while others had everything dirt cheap and were basically asking us to take stuff. We found an entertainment center that we like that was mark at $200.00 dollars, which was way too high for our frugal budget, so Jessi bravely offered him $100.00 for it. He sized us up, talked to his wife and countered with $120.00. We just walked away and as we were leaving after finding something better and cooler than that for only $35.00, we saw that hadn't sold yet and had been remarked to $90.00. Should've taken our $100... I hope that it sits in his garage till next year and no one buys it then either...

So this was probably the hottest morning of the entire year up to this point. I don't know if this is actually true because I'm usually in class or at work in the morning hours, but it was the hottest morning of MY year so far. I'm not much of a shopper to begin with; I have a phobia of spending money. However, when I'm shopping AND it's super hot out, I don't last for long. After about an hour I was shot and ready to call it a day, so after checking a few more places for tennis rackets (which we never found, bummer) we headed back to home base. Upon arriving, we discovered a snow cone oasis! One of the Miller's family friends had set up shop at the bottom of the driveway and were selling little bits of grape, strawberry, bubble gum, black cherry, and pineapple heaven. Considering the circumstances, my black cherry snow cone may have rivaled my steak from the night before for the title of most satisfying things that I've consumed in the past 24 hours. With my new found energy we loaded up and headed home to take a nap. It wasn't all that much of a boost I guess. And marathon training didn't happen today. Not only does a gut full of steak keep you from sleeping, but it also keeps you from running. But lets look on the bright side, we got some cheap, used furniture that we actually own AND a free snow cone. All in all, a delicious day.


  1. "I hope that it sits in his garage till next year and no one buys it then either..."

    Nice! That made me laugh. :) It probably will be sitting in his garage next year, and somebody will offer him $50, and he won't deal, then he'll mark it down to $25.

    Yay for blogs! Nat's is here, and mine are here and here.

  2. Hopefully the little bit of black cherry heaven didn't keep you from your beauty sleep like the pounds of beef did. great blogging!

  3. Sorry I'm such a commenting are a crack up! I wish I'd known about the LL yard sale, I totally would have been there!

    But, you have inspired us to try Wolf Lodge for our anniversary, so good job.

    Oh, off the subject of the blog, but way to go on your running! 11 miles!! That's awesome and I'm so jealous...maybe next summer I'll be able to join you!

    If you guys get too bored this week, you are always welcome to hang out here...haven't had a good game of Settlers in FOREVER!