Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. This is really great for us. Two posts in one week. We spent the day before Easter at Mom and Dad Olson's house having a monster egg hunt and potluck dinner with all of the family and some friends. These are some of the eggs - they're full of confetti. I've never seen a hunt like this before, you find the eggs and slam them on people's heads. It was great.
This is Danny. I write in blue. Easter at my parent's house is pretty much chaos. This year it was really toned down, only about 10 kids. As for these confetti eggs, they're what make the hunt interesting/fun for the adults. They're the only ones that the adults were allowed to pick up and with about 15 dozen of them spread throughout the yard, that means plenty of ammo.

If you look carefully, you can see about 3 pieces of confetti in Jessi's hair. This picture didn't convey the effect we'd hoped it would. But look close... really close. And use your imagination if you need to...

Easter was also my Dad's birthday and two days before Danny's birthday. So we spent Easter day at Mom and Dad Miller's house. Here is Danny with his birthday/Easter strawberry shortcake.
This was just a great moment in time for me. I was getting sung to with cake in front of me AND I'd just found the SPECIAL EASTER EGG! I had a chocolate bunny waiting for me in the other room. Wow, what an evening, and it's not even my real birthday for two more days!


  1. I want to learn how to make those confetti eggs! I think it is something the Zeyer Family would really get into :P

  2. Hey friend! Those confetti eggs are crazy cool! Happy Easter!

  3. Love the confetti eggs- what a great idea!! Looks like it was a good easter! Love you guys!!

  4. Hey! You have a blog! That makes me happy! You guys are way cute together! I am so happy for you both!