Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here it is. Your first insight to how the Olsons live. I decided to make all green food and put up some very ugly shamrocks I cut out of construction paper. Danny was a great sport and ate all of my green food, despite being nauseated to begin with. Flu season. Poor guy.

We had green kool aid, green blueberry muffins, green scrambled eggs and not ham, but sausage and olives and cheese, and pistacio pudding for desert. I made him a fruit smoothie later on but was merciful and let it be pink.

We also listened to Irish drinking songs, courtesy of Flogging Molly, and wore fun green clothes. We also watched 'Invincible' in which Danny pointed out that the team wore green uniforms. A perfect movie for the day. He's a good sport to play along with me.