Saturday, February 9, 2013

"It's food!"

Ollie walked past me to the kitchen with three stacking cups with racquetball balls in them. "It's food" he says. "What kind of food?" I asked him. 

"Balls food."

Sure enough. 

"It's nummy balls."

In other, more exciting Ollie news! He went to the bathroom for the first time of his own volition today! He has been doing it as I tell him for a long time but today I was upstairs for a minute and when I came down he was on the potty. Hooray for us! 

And here is my sweet Nora doing her favorite trick. Unloading the bookshelf. She has also on occasion pulled those bins below the books off of the shelf and climbed up them to reach a higher shelf. Yikes!

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