Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Day

Yesterday was a big day. We started off at 5am (well, 3:30am for Oliver and I) and headed to the hospital by 5:30 for me to check into surgery. I had a minor operation done to remove an ovarian cyst and we were home by 12pm, and my sweet hubby got to take care of a loopy wife coming out of anesthesia and a 7 week old baby for the day. He was a champ, and so was Ojo. The baby made it pretty easy on us and Danny mostly let me sleep the whole day, he packed Ojo to school, the pharmacy, and out to his parent's house where he picked
up the second part of our big day - a new computer!

I've never been a fan of Apple computers - more like loathed them. But Danny has been slowly converting me over the past almost two years - and I'm converted. I especially love the big screen - who would have thought working on a 27 inch screen would be so fun?


  1. Jessi, your baby is so sweet and cute! Congratulations. And I'm so glad you've been converted to Macs. Once you go Mac you'll never go back.

  2. What an upbeat way to look at challenges! You go Olson Family! And i love Ojo!